Message from the Judge

The integrity and strength to render the sentences that will keep our community safe, the experience and empathy to exercise compassionate judgment when appropriate, and the wisdom to know the difference.

To the citizens of Southfield, Lathrup Village, Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms and Franklin Village:

You elected me on November 6, 2012. I began my six -year term on January 1, 2013. In additional to my judicial duties, I’ve stayed busy in the community as well. I have visited your churches, synagogues, schools and neighborhood/condo associations, radio shows, scholarship programs, educational forums and numerous community events over the last six years. I believe that it is important for judges to step off the bench, and into the communities in which we serve. It has been my pleasure, and I have enjoyed meeting so many of you along the way.

From traffic tickets, small claims, and civil cases under 25,000, to landlord/tenant matters, criminal misdemeanors and felony exams, the District Court is the court of “everyday justice” for “everyday people”. I have a unique combination of administrative skill, diverse real-world experience and legal knowledge that is necessary to solve real problems. Over the years I have become adept at accessing character, determining the facts and applying the law in order to resolve disputes and dispense justice. Since taking the bench, I have developed an exemplary record for moving caseloads and making timely decisions. Litigants come to court to be heard, treated fairly and obtain closure. I have provided such outcomes and look forward to an opportunity of continuing fair, unbiased and efficient service.

Being a judge is a huge responsibility. I hear a lot of sad and unfortunate personal experience, but I do not believe my role is to sit in judgment of another person. My obligation is only to dispense justice. Sometimes that means incarceration and punishment, but sometimes it means providing encouragement and helping people find the resources to get their lives back on track to become productive citizens. For the last six years, with the grace of divine guidance, I have made such tough decisions. I gladly take on this responsibility in service to my community. Although our courts are crowded, the criminal system is not broken. While people all over this country are coming into the criminal justice system by the thousands, many are coming out better prepared to handle life because of court ordered counseling, court ordered AA and substance abuse treatments, court orders to complete GED and educational programs, and even community service programs that have led to job offers. There is a lot of “good news” coming out of our court. I want to be here, on the  46th District bench, to continue to create that good news.

I believe that judicial integrity and the ability to make sound judgments is the cornerstone of a good court system. I promise to continue serving the citizens of our district with PRIDE: Professionalism; Respect; Integrity; Dignity, and Experience. In fact, I made a pledge to you in 2012 which I renew today. Again, I pledge to the citizens of the 46th District Court:

– the integrity and strength to render the sentences that will keep our community safe;
-the experience and empathy to exercise compassionate judgment when appropriate,
-and the wisdom to know the difference.

I am one of you, and I will stand for us all! I humbly ask you, once again, for your vote of confidence. Re-Elect Judge Nance to the 46th District Court.